How to Create a Website with WordPress (recommended)

If you are having problems with learning how to make a website specifically in the design phase, you can turn to WordPress. This is a platform that many bloggers have been using for several years now. What WordPress does is give you the permission to create your own website without much effort on your part. This is because you can customize it easily so that you can start on how to make a website without a lot of work. For those who are just beginning to learn how to create a website, this is a perfect tool to start with.
To start, navigate to your CPanel by going to Once you’ve logged into CPanel, scroll down to the section titled “Software/Services”. Select “Fantastico De Luxe”.
After selecting “Fantastico De Luxe”, on the left navigation bar select “WordPress”. Then select “New Installation”. On the next page, you will be choosing the URL to install WordPress to, choosing your username and password to log into WordPress. Choose “Finish Installation”. That’s it, WordPress has been installed! Now, log into your WordPress admin area by going to
With WordPress, you can find pre-designed themes that you can use to make your own website for free. You do not have to hire a web designer just to make your website appear like it was built by a professional. You can also use plugins that will allow you to increase your website’s visibility on search engines and simplify the whole process on how to make a website. When you install WP, your website will have the 2010 theme by default. You can change this easily once you have complete access to your website. A temporary blockage occurs during the installation process of WordPress.
When you get control over your website, you should be able to see the default theme and you can begin to make your own website. You can add “/wp-login” (without the quotes) into your domain name or your main URL so that you can start using WP and continue to make your own website. To begin, go to the WP Dashboard which is the matrix of your website where every single modification that you apply will be performed.