How to Setup Nameservers At Registrar

After choosing your web hosting company, you will need to set up your nameservers at your domain registrar. BrainHost will send you an email detailing your account login information, which will include your nameserver information. Your nameserver information will look like “” and “”. If you’re struggling finding this information you can always use their Live Help or you can give them a call, either way their support is top notch.
Once you have your nameserver information, you will need to go to Godaddy and log in.
After you have logged in, the “My Account” tab at the upper left. Then, choose “Domains”. A list of the domains you have registered will then appear. Choose the domain you want to set up with BrainHost hosting and click on the green “Launch” button on the right. Now you will see all the account details. In the middle left of your screen, under Account Details, you should see a section titled “Nameservers”. In this section, choose “Set Nameservers”.
Now, a screen to enter your nameserver information should appear. Choose “I have specific nameservers for my domains”. In the fields titled “Nameserver 1″ and “Nameserver 2″ is where you enter your nameserver information that you received via email from BrainHost. After filling out these fields, press “OK”.
Now your nameservers are setup. Now, the nameservers have to propogate, which usually takes about 10 minutes but can take up to 48 hours in extreme cases. If you’re still struggling with setting up your nameservers, please use BrainHost Support so they can help you further.