How to Create a Website: Web Design

After choosing a domain name and web host provider, you will need to learn how to create a website if you have not already done so. As a tip, you should already have wide-range of ideas on how to make a website including designing your own web pages. You can hire a web designer however you can always do it yourself. Doing it yourself allows you to enhance your skills on learning how to design a website and save money as well.
If you choose to want to design your website yourself, I recommend learning and using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. It is professional, and the best web site editor on the market. Click here to purchase Adobe Dreamweaver CS6.
The design process is not very easy especially for beginners but if you really want to know how to create a website, you should not skip this step. It is crucial that you get something onto the web as fast as you can after you have purchased your domain and web host plan. If you want to save time as you learn how to create a website, you should already have at least a few pages ready to publish online. If not, you can get a web editor that allows you to “see what you get.” This way, you can design the pages visually without the need to go into any technical details as you make your own website.
The good news is that you can find both free and commercial web editors today. For those who are willing to spend money on an editor, Dreamweaver is a highly regarded piece of software that will help you design and make your own website. As you discover how to create a website, there are three things that you need to focus on during the design process: the appearance, user friendliness, and visibility on search engines.
It is integral that the website you have created is ready for search engines. Promoting your website does not begin after you make your own website. It actually starts as you design and go through the stage of knowing how to create a website. Knowing how to make your website more attractive to draw more traffic is essential when learning how to make a website successfully.
In order for you to make a website that will catch the attention of the major search engines, you should study how to make a website with text that also includes Flash, videos, and images. It is important to remember that the search engines only have the ability to read text. Search engines do not read websites that are embedded with images or video files. While there are some search engines that can scan Flash files, do not assume that they are sophisticated enough to get all the information that you wish for them to obtain. To start on how to create a website with text on an image, you can insert the description in “alt” such as in the following code: <img src=”photo or image for your web page.jpg” alt=”This text is to boost the picture’s search engine readiness.”>
Another method is to validate your entire HTML code. This means that you need to check every code to make sure that there are no existing errors while you continue to make your own website. The underlying code is what allows the web browser to set up a particular page the way you want it to look. If you are currently using Dreamweaver or any other “What You See is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editor, your code is typically generated in the background as you continue typing. Click here to check out Adobe Dreamweaver CS6.
The truth is that the search engines do not really care if your HTML code has errors. However, if you really wish to learn how to create a website properly, you should be able to validate your code without blunders and inaccuracies. Additionally, search engines generally rely on the correctness of your code so that they can find the portions of the pages that they have to index. In this case, if there are errors in your code, there is a chance that only portions of your website will be included in the database of some search engines. This is because search engines will most likely think of the mistakes as a part of the HTML formatting instead of accepting them as content.