How to Create a Website with WordPress (recommended)

If you are having problems with learning how to make a website specifically in the design phase, you can turn to WordPress. This is a platform that many bloggers have been using for several years now. What WordPress does is give you the permission to create your own website without much effort on your part. This is because you can customize it easily so that you can start on how to make a website without a lot of work. For those who are just beginning to learn how to create a website, this is a perfect tool to start with.
To start, navigate to your CPanel by going to Once you’ve logged into CPanel, scroll down to the section titled “Software/Services”. Select “Fantastico De Luxe”.
After selecting “Fantastico De Luxe”, on the left navigation bar select “WordPress”. Then select “New Installation”. On the next page, you will be choosing the URL to install WordPress to, choosing your username and password to log into WordPress. Choose “Finish Installation”. That’s it, WordPress has been installed! Now, log into your WordPress admin area by going to
With WordPress, you can find pre-designed themes that you can use to make your own website for free. You do not have to hire a web designer just to make your website appear like it was built by a professional. You can also use plugins that will allow you to increase your website’s visibility on search engines and simplify the whole process on how to make a website. When you install WP, your website will have the 2010 theme by default. You can change this easily once you have complete access to your website. A temporary blockage occurs during the installation process of WordPress.
When you get control over your website, you should be able to see the default theme and you can begin to make your own website. You can add “/wp-login” (without the quotes) into your domain name or your main URL so that you can start using WP and continue to make your own website. To begin, go to the WP Dashboard which is the matrix of your website where every single modification that you apply will be performed.

How to Setup Nameservers At Registrar

After choosing your web hosting company, you will need to set up your nameservers at your domain registrar. BrainHost will send you an email detailing your account login information, which will include your nameserver information. Your nameserver information will look like “” and “”. If you’re struggling finding this information you can always use their Live Help or you can give them a call, either way their support is top notch.
Once you have your nameserver information, you will need to go to Godaddy and log in.
After you have logged in, the “My Account” tab at the upper left. Then, choose “Domains”. A list of the domains you have registered will then appear. Choose the domain you want to set up with BrainHost hosting and click on the green “Launch” button on the right. Now you will see all the account details. In the middle left of your screen, under Account Details, you should see a section titled “Nameservers”. In this section, choose “Set Nameservers”.
Now, a screen to enter your nameserver information should appear. Choose “I have specific nameservers for my domains”. In the fields titled “Nameserver 1″ and “Nameserver 2″ is where you enter your nameserver information that you received via email from BrainHost. After filling out these fields, press “OK”.
Now your nameservers are setup. Now, the nameservers have to propogate, which usually takes about 10 minutes but can take up to 48 hours in extreme cases. If you’re still struggling with setting up your nameservers, please use BrainHost Support so they can help you further.

Finding the Right Web Host

Before you make your own website, start looking for a web host. This is essentially a company that has one or many servers that are connected to the Internet. This is important when you make your own website because you will be placing your web pages onto the company’s server. People from anywhere in the world will be able to link to them and view your web pages. Before you create a website or learn how to make a website, you should first sign up for an account with your chosen web host. This web host will serve as your website’s home. To begin this step,
There are two ways for you to find the best web host. The first way is to never choose a hosting provider that offers really low pricing. This is because your website will never run smoothly during to long periods of downtime. If you want to make your own website and not have any downtime problems, select a host that has been up and running for many years. It is also a good idea to choose one that many experts trust. After you have purchased the best plan for your business and budget, the website should be ready for use in usually an hour or so. You will receive important information such as the name servers where you will link your domain to as well as login details.
After you have chosen a web hosting provider and purchased your domain name, you will now have to connect them together. To do this, simply go to BrainHost and manage your account from there. Select your domain name to configure it and set the name servers. After that, you are ready to make your own website.

How To Create A Website | Free Tutorial Guide for Beginners

Learning how to create a website is not difficult if you have the skills and passion for the task. The important thing is that you know where to start as well as finding the best ways to make your own website. Whether you wish to learn how to make a website for your business or to simply have something to do in your spare time, there are a few things that need to be understood when creating a website. This includes deciding on a domain name.

Understanding & Choosing a Domain Name

If you do not know what a domain name is, this is your website’s address and it is a critical part as you make your own website. You should always select your domain name carefully when you build a website. This is so your customers can easily type it in correctly. If it is too complicated or too abstract, your customers will most likely forget that your site exists. To begin this process, go to GoDaddy to register your domain name.

Part of understanding how to create a website is discovering the official extensions for domain names which include: .com, .net, .info, .us, .ws, and .biz. Other extensions such as .tk and .tv are not popular so it is best to stick with the recognized ones. Short names of up to 15 characters is always recommended so that people will remember your website easily. There is also a less possibility that they will misspell the address.
When selecting a domain name as you build your own website, it should reflect your business. It does not always work well if you choose a name randomly. This will not only make your domain name more memorable but will also help you with search engines. If you are still unsure, go for a .com site. This extension is the most popular because most people assume this is what website addresses should look like.
To get a domain name, you need to go to This fee is required so that you have the exclusive right to employ a specific domain name. You can also find websites that can be setup for free if you do not like the idea of paying for a domain name. However, most of these free services are unreliable because if your website goes down then you will most likely never get help from the providers. To begin creating a website, visit which is the world’s most popular registrar. You can easily find available domains that you can purchase.